Seminar: Mathematical Literacy: Cryptocurrencies, SS 2019

Prof. Dr. Clara Löh / Dr. Florian Strunk / J. Witzig


Seminar: Mathematical Literacy: Cryptocurrencies

Methods from distributed computing and cryptography allow to build decentralised, digital, currencies (such as Bitcoin and many others). More generally, one can use the same technology to set up a decentral system of smart contracts.

The goal of this seminar is to understand these concepts. More precisely, we will study the foundations from distributed computing and cryptography needed to understand the blockchain concept, the construction of cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. In particular, we will discuss correctness, fault tolerance, efficiency, and security of distributed algorithms and we will also prove that certain distributed problems are unsolvable. Moreover, we will compare different types and specifications of cryptocurrencies.

This seminar will only focus on mathematical aspects, not on economic, legal, or social aspects. This seminar is about the principles of this technology and no endorsement of any kind.


Wednesday, 8:30--10:00, M 102



Analysis I/II, Linear Algebra I/II; Algebra; no previous knowledge in computer science is necessary, but it is certainly helpful to have some familiarity with the concept of algorithm (as, e.g., explained in the Numerik course).
This seminar is suitable for Bachelor/Master students and Lehramtsstudenten. For Lehramtsstudenten, this seminar could be the starting point for a project under my supervision.


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