Seminar: Proof Lab: Simplicial Topology; WS 2021/22

Prof. Dr. Clara Löh / Matthias Uschold


Seminar: Proof Lab: Simplicial Topology

Many topological objects admit simple combinatorial descriptions through so-called simplicial complexes (a higher-dimensional version of graphs). This simplifies the computation of invariants from algebraic topology. Conversely, many situations arising in real-world applications can be modelled by simplicial complexes.

In this seminar, we will study combinatorial aspects of algebraic topology and their applications. Moreover, for additional excitement, we will implement fragments of the theory in a proof assistant. Proof assistants are not only used within mathematics, but also in industrial settings to verify properties of complex systems.

Details: seminar schedule.


Wednesday, 8:30--10:00, M 104
(if in-person teaching is the preferred option; otherwise, this seminar will be taught online)



Analysis I/II, Linear Algebra I/II; basic group theory as taught in (Linear) Algebra; no previous knowledge in Algebraic Topology is necessary, but the seminar fits well with the Algebraic Topology I course in WS 21/22. No prior programming experience is necessary.
This seminar is suitable for Bachelor/Master students and Lehramtsstudenten with an interest in topology and combinatorics, and could be the starting point for a project under my supervision (e.g., bachelor/master thesis, Zulassungsarbeit).


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