Types of projects

I am happy to supervise the following types of projects:

Some general advice on writing/presenting mathematics


Possible fields for projects under my supervision include the following: Some concrete ideas for future projects (but I am always open for suggestions and I usually provide tailor-made tasks adapted to the preferences of the students):
Topic Type Prerequisites
Games with projective geometry; Zula; geometry
Error-correcting codes; Zula, Bsc (Math, Comp Science); algebra
Linear feedback shift registers; Zula, Bsc (Math, Comp Science); algebra
Classifying spaces of one-relator groups; BSc (Math); algebraic topology
Fuglede--Kadison determinants BSc (Math); functional analysis
Uniqueness of Slitherlink curves; Zula, BSc (Math, Comp Science); basic math courses (plus some geometry)
Accessibility proofs in computer games; Zula, BSc (Math, Comp Science), MSc (Comp Science); programming skills, mathematical logic
Verification of theorems in proof assistants; any; programming skills, mathematical logic
Simplicial volume with twisted coefficients; MSc (Math); algebraic and geometric topology
Non-verbal mathematics; Zula, BSc (Math); basic math courses
3D optical illusions; Zula, BSc (Comp Science) basic math courses
Computational complexity of classical games; Zula, Bsc (Math, Comp Science); basic math courses
Model-theoretic aspects of geometric group theory; BSc (Math), MSc (Math); geometric group theory, mathematical logic
Categories for measure equivalence of groups; BSc (Math), MSc (Math); basic math courses
Comparison of homological gradient invariants; BSc (Math), MSc (Math); algebraic topology
G-theory of non-amenable groups; BSc (Math), MSc (Math); (geometric) group theory, homological algebra
Profinite rigidity; BSc (Math), MSc (Math) algebraic topology/group homology or geometric group theory
Inner amenability; BSc (Math), MSc (Math); group theory, functional analysis
The equivalence theorem for relative simplicial volume, explicitly; MSc (Math); algebraic and geometric topology
Ergodic theoretic methods in simplicial volume; MSc (Math) algebraic/geometric topology, group homology, functional analysis
Computability of values of numerical topological invariants; MSc (Math) algebraic/geometric topology, mathematical logic
Large homology spheres; MSc (Math) algebraic/geometric topology
The amenable reduction lemma; MSc (Math) algebraic/geometric topology or geometric group theory

Supervised projects

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