Seminar: Thompson Groups; SS 2022

Prof. Dr. Clara Löh / Johannes Witzig


Seminar: Thompson Groups

The Thompson groups T, F, and V constitute famous examples in Group Theory and Geometric Group Theory. For example, T and V are finitely presented infinite simple groups. A long-standing open problem asks whether F is a so-called amenable group or not.

In this seminar, we will look at different algebraic and geometric descriptions/properties of T, F, and V. One main goal is to understand the recent computation of the bounded cohomology of T. Along the way, we will master various general principles, such as the Euler class of circle actions, computations of group cohomology through suitable actions, amenable actions, and the connection with several invariants from Group Theory.

Details: seminar schedule.


Wednesday, 8:30--10:00, M 102

On demand, we can switch to a hybrid format (with zoom live streaming); please contact Clara Löh by email.



basic group theory (as taught in the (Linear) Algebra courses); basic topology (as taught in the Analysis courses); this seminar complements the course Geometric Group Theory, but can also be attended independently.
This seminar is suitable for Bachelor/Master students and Lehramtsstudenten with an interest in groups and geometry, and could be the starting point for a project under my supervision (e.g., bachelor/master thesis, Zulassungsarbeit).


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