Seminar: Simplicial Topology, WS 2015/16

Prof. Dr. C. Löh / Dr. Dmitri Pavlov


Seminar: Simplicial Topology

Many topological spaces admit accessible combinatorial descriptions. For example, many spaces can be constructed by gluing lines, triangles, tetrahedra, ... (so-called simplices). On the one hand, we can then define topological invariants in combinatorial/simplicial terms and calculate these invariants by algorithmic means. On the other hand, simplicial structures are so fundamental that they can also be translated to other fields of mathematics.


In this seminar, we will cover the following topics:


Wednesdays, 8:30 -- 10:00, M101.
First talk: October 28.



Analysis I/II (in particular, basic point set topology), Linear Algebra I/II;
Knowledge about manifolds as in Analysis IV is not necessary, but helpful.
This seminar complements the course Algebraic Topology I, but many of the topics are also accessible without participating in the course.


Sufficient for successfully passing this seminar are: This seminar is suitable for Bachelor/Master students and Lehramtsstudenten with an interest in topology, and could be the starting point for a project under my supervision (e.g., bachelor thesis).

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