Seminar: Topology vs. Combinatorics, WS 2018/19

Prof. Dr. Clara Löh / D. Fauser


Seminar: Topology vs. Combinatorics

Many topological objects admit simple combinatorial descriptions. This simplifies the computation of invariants from algebraic topology.

Conversely, we can enhance combinatorial objects to topological objects and then analyse these with methods from algebraic topology. For example, this leads to an elegant approach to colouring and embedding problems for graphs.
does RP2 embed into R3?
In this seminar, we will study both combinatorial aspects of algebraic topology and applications of algebraic topology in discrete mathematics.


Wednesday, 8:30--10:00, M 102



Analysis I/II, Linear Algebra I/II; basic group theory as taught in (Linear) Algebra; no previous knowledge in Algebraic Topology is necessary, but it is certainly helpful to attend the Algebraic Topology course in WS 18/19.
This seminar is suitable for Bachelor/Master students and Lehramtsstudenten with an interest in topology and combinatorics, and could be the starting point for a project under my supervision (e.g., bachelor or master thesis).


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